Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Think environment friendly? Fly Executive Charter Services!

Executive Charter Services (ECS), an exclusive private jet charter brokerage company, today announced that it will offer clients the option to balance out the carbon dioxide emissions produced by their private air travel by purchasing reductions in greenhouse gases from leading carbon retailer TerraPass. TerraPass purchases support domestic wind farms, "cow-power" projects, and energy efficiency projects. ECS estimates it will initially be offsetting approximately 500 hours of private jet travel equaling an estimated 1.7 million pounds of carbon emissions.

"Tackling the environmental issues on a global scale can be intimidating and off-putting. We are offering an easy solution and real opportunity to help our clients be good global citizens." explains Kevin Godlewski, President of Executive Charter Services. "While private jet travel is an essential part of the corporate climate, we must work together to protect our most important resource."

Air travel is a major source of the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. One hour in a Gulfstream burns about as much fuel as one year of driving the family car. In lieu of being able to make jets more fuel efficient, programs like this help balance the impact of private jet usage.

According to the National Business Aviation Administration's annual business travel overview, more than two thirds of the companies surveyed said they expect their business travelers to take more trips in 2007. The survey also found a sharp jump, 56 percent, in the number of companies that augmented use of commercial air travel in the last year with corporate jets and charter flights. That trend is expected to continue.

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