Monday, February 05, 2007

Private jet built for two for mile-high wannabes

Fancy getting intimate at high altitude, but don't like the idea of doing it in a toilet cubicle or fumbling under a blanket in between trolley services? A new company is to offer passengers the chance to join the mile-high club in style - and privacy - on a private jet built for two.

The flights will launch from an airfield in Gloucestershire on a twin-engined Piper Aztec ('renowned for its long endurance and stable handling'). After being served champagne and strawberries, couples will board their private love jet which will take them to an altitude of 5,280 feet where they can secure club membership. Prices start from £250 for a 'Quickie' (30 minutes), and go up to £750 for a 'VIP' (an impressive 90 minutes). Discretion is promised and at the end you get a certificate. The service is due to start later this year, so keep checking for more details.

Similar services already operate in America. According to pilot Bob Smith of Mile High Atlanta, which operates out of Georgia, flights are popular with all age groups, though not everyone manages to rise to the occasion. 'We had one man who came with his girlfriend, a nervous flyer, but within a few minutes of take-off she had tapped me on the shoulder and said she was too scared and wanted to go back down again. The following week he turned up with another girl!'

Via Guardian

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