Friday, February 09, 2007

Lufthansa Private Jet flights up 13 per cent

Lufthansa Private Jet, the exclusive service for individual and flexible air travel, has written another chapter in its success story, posting a 13 per cent increase in the number of flights operated last year.

Up to 10 private aircraft were booked daily during the year.

The highest demand, accounting for about 60 per cent of the total, came from point-to-point connections to about 1,000 destinations in Europe and Russia.

The number of private jet flights offered in combination with long-haul services through the Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich hubs has also increased significantly since mid-2006.

Customer satisfaction, scoring over 90 per cent, shows how positively customers are responding to the Lufthansa Private Jet service, the airline said.

"We are delighted that our innovative product has become so firmly established in the market so soon after its launch. Lufthansa Private Jet, offering customers à la carte mobility, has meantime become a firm fixture in our full-service strategy," Thierry Antinori, executive vice president marketing and sales at Lufthansa Passenger Airlines, said.

"Our customers appreciate especially the opportunity of enjoying the exclusive Lufthansa first class amenities on the Private Jet service and making their journey even more comfortable."

Lufthansa said that the agreement with NetJets, the private jet provider, is being extended for a further five-year term and cooperation intensified.

More jets will be on call, daily, in order to accommodate increased demand for the Lufthansa Private Jet service and in future, the Falcon 2000, which seats up to 10 passengers in comfort, will also be available to customers daily, Lufthansa added. Lufthansa Private Jet bookings can be made on the dedicated hotline +49 (0) 18 02 99 33 00 for Germany and the rest of Europe, and on 0888 261 0814 for the US and Canada.

Via Times of Malta

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