Friday, March 02, 2007

Private Jet Used to Ferry Seafood Delicacy

Oysters are so popular in New Zealand that some of the restaurant owners and gourmes charter private jets just to be among thoose very few who will try the fresh catch first.

Chef Simon Gault, from Auckland's Euro Restaurant and Bar, spent more than $20,000 to hire the private jet owned by National Business Review publisher Barry Colman. He was determined his would be the first restaurant in Auckland to offer the delicacy.

"I'm probably nuts, but there's nothing like winning. It's all about being first," Mr Gault told the Herald. "They are such a sought-after thing."

After flying from Auckland to Invercargill on the jet with Mr Colman (and enjoying crab sandwiches and champagne on the way), Mr Gault was flown the final 20km to Bluff by helicopter to pick up the oysters from the boats returning to harbour.

After the helicopter trip back to Invercargill it was back on board the jet to Ardmore in Manukau City before another helicopter flight to Mechanics Bay and a rush to the restaurant in a Rolls-Royce to shuck the oysters and prepare them to be served.

Via NZHerald

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